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Stained Glass Pattern Books

Welcome to LAURELS GLASS WORLD Stained Glass Pattern Arena. Laurel's Glass World offers three exceptional Stained Glass Pattern Books and one Stained Glass Style Quilting Book. View our new FLIP CATALOGS to view the actual patterns in the selected stained glass pattern books. A band saw is not necessary for any of Laurels Glass World stained glass patterns.

Alaskan Fever Stained Glass Pattern Book

Alaskan Fever - $12.95

The Alaskan Fever stained glass pattern book includes the following patterns. Arctic Life, Polar Bears, Moose, Eagles, Caribou, Hawk, Arctic Larkspur, Big Horn Sheep, Dolphin Ring, Sea Lions, Alaskan Buffalo, Wolves, Arctic Loons, Aurora Borealis, Salmon, Sled Dog Teams, Ice Fishing, Fireweed, Mt. McKinley, Puffins and Muskox.


Egyptian Stained Glass Pattern Book

Egyptian Stained Glass Patterns - $12.95

The Egyptian stained glass pattern book includes the following patterns. Falcon, the sun god, Goddess Isis, Osiris-Khepri-Scarab, Pyramids at Giza, Userhet, hunting desert animals from his chariot., ANKA suncatcher, Egyptian Offerings, Four Crowned Rams, Egyptian Beauty, Egyptian Sisters, Sarcophagus of king Merenptah, Isis with Horus, SUNCATCHERS of: Anubis, Bastet,, Thoth ,Sobek, Horus and Hathor, Egyptian Pharaoh, Falcon, Apis Bull, Egyptian Pharaoh, Falcon, Egyptian Boats on the Nile, The Great Sphinx, Scarab, Anibus, weighs the heart, Anibus, god of embalming, Tutankhamun, returning from battle, Egyptian Horses, Mythical Eternal Life and Reign, Mummy of Ramesses, Egyptian Candle Holders 3 sizes, Egyptian Window Corners 3 styles, Ancient Egyptian bookends, Egyptian Mirrors, Queen Nefertiti, Lotus Circle, Lotus Flower Kleenex box, Horus, kleenex box, Vulture of Nekhbet-suncatcher, Floating on the Nile boats, Lotus Flower Coffee Table Top circular, Egyptian Style Coffee Table Top rectangular, TUTANKHAMUN, Sennefer and his Sister, Ankhessehamen, offering papyrus and lotus, Scene from the "Book of Gates" and Donkeys on a threshing floor.


Animal Quest Stained Glass Book

Animal Quest - $12.95

The Animal Quest stained glass pattern book includes the following patterns. Cats, Mountain Lion, Elephant, Humming Bird, Macaws, Pronghorn Antelope, Blackbuck Antelope, Horses, Wolf, Texas Longhorn, Lion, Draft Horses, Dragon, Cobra, Polar Bears, Puppy Love, Leopard, Lambs, Mountain Goat, Kangaroo, Crocodile, Walrus, Rooster, Rocky Mt. Elk and Cougar.


Alaskan Fever Stained Glass Pattern Book


Stained Glass Style Quilting Book two Full Sized Pull-Out and unfold, Patterns HOWLING WOLF pattern 40 1/2" X 21 1/8" SLED DOGS ON TRAIL pattern 54 3/4" X 21 5/16". This book was designed for quilting with the use of stained glass style fabrics. This book comes complete with quilting directions. These two pattern can be built in stained glass with the use of a band saw. Band saws are not required for any other of Laurel's stained glass books.

stained glass patterns bundle

Stained Glass Pattern Book Bundle - $28.00

Buy all 3 stained glass pattern books and save over 27%. These stained glass books include patterns for Egypt, Alaska, Animals and much more. Take a look at each individual book to see everything included in this bundle.